User Control Panel

The User Control Panel displays the audio level of your current recording (microphone) and playback (speakers) devices.

Click the Mute button to stop Quorum from recording and transmitting your voice.
Whilst muted the volume display for the record device (microphone) will not show any volume level.

To disconnect from the conference, click the Disconnect button.

Conference Table

The conference table shows all the users who have currently joined in on the conference. Quorum will display a bubble tip next to the person who is currently talking. If the person doesn't have the ability to speak (as assigned by the owner of the conference), a bubble tip with a red cross will be shown next to that person's image.

In the On The Table section, Quorum will display a list of all documents that are available for the conference. You can view any of these documents by clicking on the View icon or delete the document by clicking on the Delete icon.

Upload a document to the table by clicking on the Upload To Table button then browse to the file on your hard drive.
Please note that it may take a while for Quorum to upload your file, depending on the file's size.


If you are unable to see the Conference Table, try to press F5 to reload the whole page again. If it still doesn't show up, please try the following: