Startup Run Mode

Quorum can be configured to run automatically either on computer system startup, as a service, or whenever a user logs on to the computer.

Run Quorum automatically as tray icon on system startup

Tick this option if you want this program to run automatically when the computer starts (or you logon).

Select run mode:

Select the run mode from the list of options available.

Service Settings...

Click the Service Settings button to customize the settings used when Quorum is running as a service.

On-Hold Music

When there is only one caller attending a conference, Quorum can either continuously play a Wav file or use the IMS On-Hold Messages and Music player to play On-Hold music for that caller. If you do not use IMS you should select a Wav file for Quorum to use for its On-Hold music.

On-Hold Music played from a file

Select this option if you do not intend to use the IMS On-Hold Messages and Music Player with Quorum.

On-Hold Music File:

The selected On-Hold music file. Click the button to browse for Wav files that can be selected as On-Hold music.

Link to IMS On-Hold Player

The IMS On-Hold Messages and Music Player is a professional software based digital player of messages and / or music. It runs in the background on any computer on the network and mixes music and / or messages automatically (with optional date time scheduling). For more information including downloading IMS please see If IMS is not running on this computer, Quorum will ask if it can download and install IMS on to the computer. There is no need to install IMS on to this computer if you are intending to use an IMS that has been installed elsewhere on the network.

IMS Server:

Enter the name of the computer running IMS. If IMS is on the same computer then use 'localhost'. If you have problems connecting it might be because you have a firewall blocking the TCP/IP port 606 on the computer running IMS. The standard IP Port that IMS uses is Port 606, if IMS has been configured with a different IP Port this can be specified along with the server name eg. 'localhost:606'
Note the colon character between the server name and the Port.

Music Volume Level Adjust (-20dB - 0dB):

Adjust the volume level for the On-Hold music. The lower the setting the softer the music.

Restore Defaults...

Click the Restore Defaults button to restore these fields to their original values.

Outgoing Email Settings...

Click the Outgoing Email Settings to set the outgoing (SMTP) email server settings which will be used for any notification emails that can be sent to the conference users.