Thank you for installing Quorum.

Quorum is a conferencing server that gives users an easy way to create and join telephony conferences. Each conference is allotted an unique conference number, which the conference creator gives to each conference participant. When any person joins a conference using this number, they will be able to join in on the current conversation with the other members of the conference.

Simple steps to run a conference

  1. The Conference Convener creates a new conference by dialing into Quorum and selecting the create conference option when prompted, Quorum will then reply with the new conference number for the conference.
  2. The Conference Convener then notifies the other conference participants of the conference number and the date and times for the conference.
  3. The participants dial into Quorum and join the conference by entering the conference number for the conference when prompted.
  4. Participants may leave the conference at any time by hanging up the call.
  5. Participants may rejoin the conference at any time by dialing into Quorum and joining the conference as before.


System Requirements