This is the list of all the telephone lines (PSTN and VoIP) currently configured for use.

They should include all voice modems or professional telephony devices as well as all of the VoIP lines that you wish to use.

Add Adds a new line device. This button displays a list of all the available telephone line devices that may be added. Select the New SIP based VoIP Account item to add new VoIP account details. If you are attempting to add some hardware device and do not see that item in the list then refer to the Knowledge Base article “My Modem or Telephony Board is not listed as a valid telephony device” at on the NCH Swift Sound website. Select the device that you wish to add, then click the <Add> button. Remove

Removes the selected line device from the configuration.


Change the properties of the selected line device. For setting details see Options ~ Telephony ~ Line Properties.