When the user calls in they will be presented with a welcome voice message. This message will prompt the caller to either enter a valid conference number if they wish to join a conference, or to log into their account. Account login is done using the caller's PIN ID.

Creating a new conference number

If the user is intending to create a new conference number they simply press the # key and Quorum will read out the new conference number. Quorum will then request the caller to press the # key to accept the new number, the * key to replay the conference number or the 1 key to terminate the call.

Once the caller has a new conference number they should then tell the other intended participants of the conference this conference number and the time that the conference will commence so that they can then join the conference.

Each conference number will stay active for 2 months from the last date that it was used. In this way a conference that is used continuously (at least once every 2 months) will stay active.

There is no limit to the number of times that the conference may be used during the time that it is active. There is no limit to the number of participants in a conference or the length of time a conference is used.

Joining a conference

When a user wants to join a conference, they will dial into Quorum, and when prompted enter the conference number for the conference they wish to join.

If they are the only participant currently in the conference, Quorum will play the On-Hold music for them while they wait for others to join.

When there are more than one participants in a conference, each participant can speak and all other participants will hear them.

Leaving a conference

Participants may leave a conference at any time by simply hanging up the call.