You can easily control RecordPad from command line. The usage of command line is as below:

recordpad [command] [options]


-record [format] [format settings]

Start recording. The output file will be put in the output folder as set in the current settings. If "prompt for file name" is enabled, you will be prompted for a file name before recording begins; otherwise, a filename will be automatically generated based on the current settings.

Format Options:

Format Settings Options:

If you don't specify each of the format settings, RecordPad will use the current format settings to record the file.

Wav file: -s <sfreq> -m <nchans> -b <bitrate>


Bitrate Encoding (CBR) mp3 file: -cbr -b <bitrate> [-h] -m <mode> [-p]


Bitrate Encoding (VBR) mp3 file: -vbr -b <minbitrate> -B <maxbitrate> -q <n> -m <mode> [-p]


Aiff file: -s <sfreq> -m <nchans>


Flac file: -s <sfreq> -m <nchans> -c <compression>


-recordfile <filepath> [format settings]
Start recording to a specific file. Please refer to the above section on how to set format settings.

Pause recording.

Stop recording (if recording) or Stop playback (if playing).

Playback current recording (must first execute the -stop command).

Finish recording the current file.

Restart recording.

Resume recording after it has been paused.

-outdir <dirpath>
Set the output folder to which RecordPad exports files.

Exit RecordPad.


Show RecordPad when it is running. This is the default setting.

Hide RecordPad when it is running.

Exit RecordPad if recording is stopped.

-ms <milliseconds>
Save the current recording file and exit RecordPad automatically after specified number of milliseconds.