Output Format

Use the Output Format menu to select the file format you want to save a record in (wav, mp3, aif, or flac).

You can adjust the compression level or bitrate for the file by clicking the "format settings" button. Note that if you are unfamiliar with different wav and mp3 formats you may want to leave RecordPad on the default file format settings.

RecordPad always record AIFF files in 44100 Hz sample rate and stereo mode. You can then use Switch Audio Converter (which can be downloaded from nch.com.au/switch) to convert to the desired format settings you want.

Destination Folder

This option lets you select the folder to which RecordPad exports files. To use this option, either type in the folder where you want to save RecordPad files, or use the browse button on the right to locate the folder.

Output File Name

Select the "Prompt for file name before starting recording" option if you want to select a different name for each file recorded.

Click "View Sample" to view a sample file name using current settings.

Select the "use this file name format" when you want to define the file name before you start recording. See the Hash Field Reference section for more information on automatic file names.

Click "Reset Auto Number to 0" to reset auto number to 0.