Record Device

If you have more than one sound card installed, use this list to select the card you want to use for recording.

Input Channel

Use this pull down list to select the input channel for recording. The recommended setting is "Microphone" or "Mic-In". If you have problems using the mic-in setting, select Windows Record Mixer and open the Windows Record Mixer to manually adjust settings.

Record Volume

Adjust the recording volume using this fader. When the level is set correctly, the level display on the Main Window will just touch into the red when recording.

If you have selected Windows Record Mixer, you can click on the button "Open Windows Record Mixer" for manual mixer settings.

Voice Activate Level

This controls voice activated recording. The default settings is -18dB. If recording starts too early, increase the setting to up to -10dB to reduce sensitivity. If recording does not start or words are chopped off at the end, reduce the level to -20dB to increase sensitivity. A slider will appear on the main window when this feature is enabled. With this control you can adjust the level before you begin recording, and visualize when then audio being recorded will trigger voice activate. You can also enable and disable this feature by right-clicking on the volume meter on the main window. Note: You should adjust the Record Volume Level first. Voice Activate problems are often due to incorrect record level settings.

Untick this option if you don't want to use voice activate recording.

Pause RecordPad after Second(s)

When Voice Activate Level is enabled, you can specify how many seconds to wait before RecordPad comes into waiting status.

Create New File when Timeout occurs

When RecordPad is paused when the above time is reached, if this option is checked, the current file will be saved and a new file will be started.

Maximum Recording Time

Enable Checking

Enable this option if you want to place a limit on the length a recording can reach.

You can select the maximum length in the Window to the right.

Time Reached.

Select "stop recording" to just close and save your recording when the maximum recording time has been reached.

Select "create new recording and continue" to generate a new recording when the first recording has finished.

Launch recordings window when you stop recording

Check this box to display the Find and Play Recordings dialog every time you stop recording, where all recordings are listed and more options for working with the file are displayed. See the Find and Play Recordings topic for more information on the dialog.