Below are the main function buttons in RecordPad. These buttons are all shown by default, but the View menu may be used to hide the buttons you don't want to be shown.

Play (Space bar)

Plays the last recording.

Record (F5)

Click this button to start a new recording, or continue a paused recording.

Pause (F6)

Click this when you want to pause a recording and continue it later. To continue recording after pausing the file, click the record button again.

Retake Recording/Replay (Home)

Select this option to restart your current recording, or play from the beginning of the file currently being played.

Stop/Save (F7)

Click this to finish and save your current recording in the recordings list.

Options (Ctrl+O)

Click this to open the Options window.

Recordings (Ctrl+L)

Click this button to open the recordings window, and browse through, upload, or modify your recordings. For more details, please refer to the Find and Play Recordings section of this help manual.


Click this button to delete the last recording made. After clicking this, the last recorded file will not appear in the Recordings Window.

Buy Online

Click this to purchase a RecordPad software license and registration. For more details, please refer to Register Software.

Help (F1)

To view the help documentation for RecordPad, click the Help menu and select Help Contents.