To schedule recordings ahead of the time you can use RecordPad's schedule feature.

You can see the list of scheduled recordings by choosing the Schedule tab under Options.

To add a scheduled recording, just click on the Add... button. You can then select one of the available schedule types including One time, Daily, or Weekly. For a one time schedule you will need to also select the start and the end dates. You will need to select the start and end time of the scheduled recording. Daily recordings will take place every day of the week at the specified time, and weekly recordings will be scheduled on the days selected at the bottom of the window.

You can also use the Active checkbox on the top of the dialog to activate and deactivate the scheduled recordings whenever you do or do not need them.

Scheduled recordings can also be modified by selecting them from the list and clicking on the Edit... button.

In order to record when the user is logged off, you can use the Record even if the user is not logged in option. After checking the box, RecordPad will prompt you with a dialog to enter your account details. The details will be used to run RecordPad. Please note that enabling this option will result in your recording taking place in the background. Therefore, once this option is enabled you will not be able to interact with RecordPad.