You can set up the way Express Scribe dispatches email using the Advanced Email Settings dialog box.

The Advanced Email Settings can be opened by clicking on the "Email Settings" button from Dispatch.

Mail Delivery Type: MAPI or SMTP

Express Scribe can send email in two ways MAPI or internal SMTP.

By default Express Scribe uses the MAPI system to send email using your existing email software (Eudora, Netscape Mail, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). To use this you must have email software installed and set as the "default MAPI server". The advantage of this system is that your email software manages the email. However, there can be some problems when using Outlook (it keeps prompting for user input). If you have MAPI problems, try the alternative internal SMTP.

If you select the "Internal Simple SMTP" option, email is sent directly by Express Scribe. You must enter the SMTP mailhost used by your ISP for sending of mail (call them if you do not know it) and your email return address.

Please refer to Problems when sending email using our software for trouble-shooting information.