Scribe Mini is a small window extension of the main Express Scribe user interface. Clicking the Scribe Mini button in the main toolbar will minify the main Express Scribe window to contain just the controls and a video panel, providing video has been activated from View -> Show Video. Using Scribe Mini allows more room for you to see the rest of your screen if you are primarily working on a word processor and still need to refer to Express Scribe.

Any hot-keys, controllers, or foot pedals you use with Express Scribe will still function while Scribe Mini is in use.

You can switch to Scribe Mini by going to the menu View->Show Express Scribe Mini Control, or by pressing Ctrl+M.

To revert Express Scribe back to its original size, click the 'Show/Hide Scribe Mini Control Window' button to the right of the play controls. Toggle back and forth between the screen views with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M.