See Controllers ~ Overview for an overview of controlling Express Scribe with a foot pedal controller.

Enable foot pedal controller
Check this box if you intend to use a controller.

Controller setup wizard
Run this wizard to select and configure the active controller. See Foot Pedal and Hand-Held Controller Setup Guide for details.

Active controller
Shows the type of controller that is configured, if any, and it's status.

Shows static properties of the active device, such as the company, model, and interface. Also allows changes to some configuration options, such as which port to use for a controller that connects to a serial port.

Command map / test
Shows a list of the active controller's buttons or pedals.

Click "Change a Command" to bring up a dialog that allows you to change the command performed by a button or pedal.

Click "Reset to default commands" to reset the command mappings for each button or pedal to their original state.

Tap lock
Any command marked with a "*" in the "Command map / test" dialog can be run for variable duration. The command will start when the mapped button or pedal is pressed. Change the tap lock options to configure when the command will stop.