Sound Device

If you have more than one sound card installed, use this pulldown list to select the device for playback.

Volume Level

This is the volume setting for playback. It can also be adjusted on the main window of Express Scribe.

Volume Auto-Adjust (Range Compression)

Dynamic range compression amplifies quiet passages in the audio without making loud passages any louder. The Weak setting applies the least amplification and sounds more like the original recording, while the Strong setting applies the most amplification.

Default Playback Speed

You can adjust the slow (F11/F12) and fast (F3) playback speeds. The speeds are represented as a percent of normal speed so 50% is half speed and 200% is double speed. Recommended settings are slow 50% (minimum 25%, maximum 100%) and fast 150% (minimum 100%, maximum 300%).

The speed of play current speed (F9) is controlled using the speed control on the main window.

Clarity low frequency cutoff method (Low Frequency Cut Filter)

Express Scribe uses a Low Frequency Cut Filter which can improve the clarity of poor quality recordings. The clarity can be controlled by setting the frequency cutoff point.

For no frequency filter set the control to None. For a mid level frequency filter use High or Low Bass Filtering or for very poor quality recordings use the 1500Hz strong filter. The default setting is for no filter: Full Bass (0Hz).

Auto Backstep on Stop

If you stop playback and start again later, Express Scribe can be set to 'back-step' so that you hear a short part of where you were before you stopped. This back step time can be adjusted (in ms), so if you want the dictation to be wound back one and a half seconds enter a value of '1500'. To turn the back step off, enter 0. The maximum is 60000ms.

Rewind and Fast-Forward

The rewind and fast-forward mode can either be Increasing Speed (default) or Constant Speed. In both cases, Express Scribe first takes a preset step back or forward (default 500ms, maximum 60000ms) then starts at the preset speed (default 150%, maximum 1000%). If Increasing Speed mode is selected, as you hold down rewind or fast-forward the speed increases over 6 seconds to a maximum speed specified (default 800%, maximum 1000%).

When a dictation finishes playing