Recording Format

TwelveKeys can handle most popular recording formats, but the clearest results will be obtained by using recordings made in .wav format. Ideally this recording should be recorded at 16,000Hz. TwelveKeys will warn you if your files are in the incorrect format. You can convert your files with a product such as Switch, which can be downloaded from

Foot Pedals

Adding a foot pedal is a highly recommended way to enhance your experience with TwelveKeys. A foot pedal enables you to keep your hands free to play an instrument or transcribe notes while still having control over the playback. You can purchase a supported foot pedal from


Each recording is different. Recordings have a varying number of instruments and are produced in different ways. To get the clearest result you will need to adjust the gain, zoom and sensitivity settings.


If you notice that the notes of a recording are slightly off-centre, you can tune the keyboard using the tuning slider below the main panel. This will help you to get a better match to the notes.


TwelveKeys can be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Right-click on the display and select "Switch Orientation" or use the options dialog to select an orientation you are most comfortable or familiar with. Vertical mode will have the music scroll down the screen, whereas horizontal will move the music from right to left.


You can select foreground and background colors to your liking. Simply right-click on the display, select a color option and choose a color from the color picker. This may also be done from the options dialog.