Use the Free CDDB

If you check this option then TwelveKeys will automatically attempt to download track information from an online database when you load tracks from a CD.

Fast Forward Speed

Changes how quickly TwelveKeys will fast forward a recording

Rewind Speed

Changes how quickly TwelveKeys will rewind a recording

Sound output device

Change which device sound will be played through

Show format warning

Change whether you would like to be alerted when using formats TwelveKeys is not optimized to use. i.e. Not 16khz .wav


If you have a supported USB or serial foot pedal then you can attach it to your computer and use it to control the playback functions of TwelveKeys. To enable foot pedal support simply check the enable foot pedal control check box. Then select your pedal from the list and number of pedals. You will then need to configure your foot pedal, so click on the Configure Foot Pedal button and follow the on screen instructions. If you make a mistake during this configuration process then click cancel and start again.


Display Notes on the Keyboard

Check this box if you would like TwelveKeys to print the name of each note on the keyboard. The setting can also be changed by right-clicking on the keyboard

Show wave window

Check to show the waveform of the file at the top of the window. The waveform can be hidden by right-clicking on it.

Show time axis

Check to show the time axis on the left of the window. The time axis can be hidden by right-clicking on it.

Show note lines

A grid of lines lining up with the piano keys will be displayed on the main panel. This allows you to easily see where the frequencies of the recording you are analyzing are and determine which notes are being played.

Highlight note

Allows you to move your mouse over the piano keys and the display in the main panel will indicate what note you are hovering over.

Set Foreground and Background colors

Click these buttons to change the foreground and background colors of the main panel. These colors can also be changed by right-clicking on the panel.