This dialog allows the user to adjust some of the settings for Verity. It also allows the user to open up the configuration webpage to adjust monitoring settings.


Verity can be configured to run automatically on computer system startup.

Run Verity automatically on system startup for all users

This will cause Verity to run immediately on system startup for all users.

Run Verity automatically for current user

Select this option to run Verity when this user logs in. This user will be monitored.

Do not run Verity automatically.

This will stop Verity to run on system startup

Web Service Settings...

Click the Web Service Settings button to customize the settings used when running Verity's web server.

Data Archive Folder

These options control how monitoring data is stored.


Set the folder to use to store data

Delete data after X days (Enter 0 to keep all data. Max allowed value: 365):

Set how many days data should be stored before being deleted. Setting this option to zero will prevent Verity from deleting any data.

Open Parental Control Webpage

Click this button to launch the webpage to configure monitoring options for Verity.

Click to specify email settings...

Click this button to launch the email setting dialog to configure email options for Verity.