This tab is where settings for the startup warning text, password details, and web interface settings are configured.

Program Startup Warning

This section controls the display of a warning to let users know they are being monitored.

Change Parental Access Settings

This section allows you to set the administrator password and the email address you can use to recover your password if you forget it.

Web Timeout

This section controls web timeout period.

Email Reports

This section would allow you to enable and disable 'Email Reports' feature. This feature, when enabled, will send the program activities log and web activities log of all active users to the administrator's email daily.

If you do not receive these emails, the possibilities are: Verity was not running, there were no activities recorded for that period, or internet was not connected. Sometimes, these emails can be filtered as junk, so check your junk folder and your internet firewall settings. Advanced email settings can be configured through Verity Options >> General >> Click to specify email settings.