The Prohibited Activity page displays the prohibited activity of the selected user. It is accessed by logging into the web interface and clicking the View Activity link, and then selecting the Prohibited Activity tab. Any entries from the program activity and website activity logs that match the corresponding prohibited programs and activities lists will be shown on this report. If Verity is configured to close prohibited programs, it still makes an entry so it will show up in this report. These options are set on the Parental Controls page in the web interface.

The parent can select which user to view, the date, and the start and end time. Clicking the arrows next to the search button it will skip the data back or forward one day.

The headings of the columns of the table (except screenshots) can be clicked to sort the table.

The time the prohibited activity was logged
The amount of time the user was using the program
The number of keys the user typed during this entry
The number of mouse clicks the user performed during this entry
The name of the executable for the application
The caption of the window that was active during this entry. If the entry is a browser, this will be a link to the View Web Activity page with the time period of the entry selected.
The parent can click this link to view screenshots from the time period of this entry