Use Record Sound Over Video when the selected sequence already has one or more clips placed on it and you want to record sound synchronized to this sequence. To record audio of arbitrary length, which doesn't need to be synchronized to an existing sequence, use Record Audio instead.

To open the Record Sound Over Video dialog, select File -> Record -> Over Video, or click the arrow next to the Record button on the tool bar and select Over Video.

The Record Sound Over Video dialog will appear.

Preparing to Record

The Record Sound Over Video dialog includes a preview and timeline of the sequence. To prepare to record sound, first select the Sound In source. Give your sound recording a name and select the location on your computer where you would like to save your recording. You are now ready to begin recording.

Recording options

There are three options to select when you want to stop the recording:

Recording Sound

To begin to record sound, first navigate using the preview timeline to the place where you would like to begin recording. Once you are happy with the location, click the Record button or press the spacebar and begin recording your audio. To Pause the recording, click the Pause button or press the spacebar. Once you have finished recording, click the Stop button. Your recorded audio will be automatically added to your sequence in the exact location that you chose to begin recording. If you would like to record sound in various different places in your project, you can repeat the process, or Record and Stop as many times as you like.

Re-recording Sound

If you wish to redo the sound recording, just close the Record Sound Over Video dialog and delete the previous recording from the sequence. Then follow the instructions above to re-open the Record Sound Over Video dialog and start recording again.