Many video effects have parameters that can be animated. For example, the horizontal position parameter of the Motion effect can be animated to pan across a clip. Each animatable parameter is represented by a graph, where the X axis is time, and the Y axis is the value of the parameter.

To animate effect parameters:

About Animation Curve

An animation curve represents how the effect parameter value (Y axis) changes in time (X axis).

The curve can be controlled by keyframes. A keyframe restricts the parameter to a specified value at the time position. You can choose either linear or a bezier curve to interpolate the value between two keyframes.

If a parameter has no keyframes then it is not animated. Its graph will be a flat, horizontal line for the duration of the clip.

Add Keyframes

To add a keyframe, do one of the following:

Select Keyframes

To select a single keyframe, click on it.

To select multiple keyframes, do one of the following:

Moving Keyframes

To move a keyframe, do one of the following:

Deleting Keyframes

To delete keyframe(s), do one of the following:

About Curve Handles

Curve handles are tangents of the curve and effect how the curve looks between keyframes.

If there is not a curve handle on both sides of a segment, the segment will be a straight line.

Curve handles are attached to keyframes. A keyframe can have left, right or both curve handles attached. Curve handles are added when you add a curved keyframe.

Add/Remove Curve Handles

There are four button on the tool bar for adding or removing curve handles on keyframes. While keyframe(s) are selected:

Alternatively, you can use right click context menus to add or remove curve handles:

Move Curve Handle

Curve handles can be move by dragging them.

While smooth toggle button is on, the curve handle on the other side of the keyframe will mirror the moving handle.

Mirror Curve Handles

When a curve handle is a mirror of the handle on the other side of the keyframe, the curve will pass through the keyframe smoothly (no sharp angles).

To make mirrored curve handles, do one of the following: