Editing an Existing Voice

Available voices appear in Voxal's left panel. To edit one of these voices, click the Edit button in the main toolbar. This will open the voice editing window which shows you how the selected voice is currently constructed. The editing window has three main panels:

Available Effects (Left Panel)

These are the effects from which you can construct voices.

Applied Effects (Middle Panel)

These are effects which are currently part of the selected voice.

Effect Settings (Right Panel)

This panel shows the current settings of the effect selected in the middle panel

To edit a voice select the effect you wish to change and then adjust the sliders in the Effect Settings panel. You can leave Voxal in preview mode while you do this to hear your changes. You can also edit the currently selected voice from the main panel by double clicking the voice in the main window.

In addition to changing parameters, you can also add new effects to the list of currently applied effects, change their order by dragging and dropping the applied effects or temporarily bypassing effects by de-selecting their checkboxes.