Auto Click/Pop Removal

This tool allows you to apply a repair of a single click/pop artifact. To use it properly, you must zoom right in to the artifact and select a small region around it. Then select Tools menu -> Auto Click/Pop Removal. The repair will be performed straight away.

Parametric Click/Pop Removal

This tool is designed to remove click and pop sounds from recordings. It is ideal for those who have recorded music onto their computer from LP records and want to repair any defects caused by dust and scratches on the vinyl.

To use the tool, click Tools menu -> Parametric Click/Pop Removal. In the window that appears, you can configure settings for the following fields:

Click Sensitivity
This is the degree of aggressiveness (as a percentage) that will be applied by the tool when searching for click and pop artifacts. If you don't know what to enter, you can start by leaving it at 50%. The more a piece of audio is damaged, the higher you may have to set it. Moderately damaged audio can require settings of 60% - 80%. Be careful though - if you set it too high, the tool will start thinking parts of the audio are actually clicks/pops. If you set it too low of course, the tool will think some clicks/pops are part of the audio. Try experimenting to find the right value, and note that the level you apply to one file may be different to the level you apply in another file.
Maximum Click Length
This is the maximum length that a click lasts in your audio, in milliseconds. As a general guide, use 450ms if you don't know what to enter. 350ms is appropriate for audio with only small amounts of defects, whereas 550ms or 650ms is appropriate for audio with lots of defects.