Constant Bitrate Encoding (CBR)

Select this option to encode the audio using a constant bit rate. The specific bitrate value can be selected from the bitrate drop-down list.

The "High Quality" checkbox option produces a better quality output but slows down the audio encoding process.

Variable Bitrate Encoding (VBR)

Select this option to encode the audio using a variable bit rate, which is considered to produce superior results to CBR encoding. For this mode you must select minimum and maximum bitrates from the respective bitrate drop-down lists.

The "Quality" option affects the audible quality of the file, with a higher quality yielding a higher file size for the resulting MP3 file. Note that the number 0 will produce the highest quality and highest file size.

Note: Depending on what bitrate(s) are set, the encoder will set the output sample rate accordingly.


This selects if the MP3 file will be Stereo, Joint, Force or Mono. Force means that the encoding process will force ms_stereo for all frames, which is faster.

Note: If the source file is Mono, the converted file will likely end up being Mono as well. This is not a bug!

Error Protection

This option adds additional CRC information into the MP3 file, and protects against small corruptions that may later develop due to faulty media on which the file is stored.