Split at Cursor

Use this option if you want to quickly split the current file into two small tracks. To do this, click on the position where you want to split and select Edit->Split into two at this point. Note that each of your new files shares the undo history of the original file, so the split can be undone in any of the resultant split files.

Split at Silences

Use this option if you want WavePad to auto split the file by detecting silence below a specified threshold level for a specified duration. You can specify the threshold below which is considered silence (default -36dB) and the minimum duration which will be considered silence (default: 0ms).

Split at Bookmarks

This will split the file at each bookmark, creating a new file for each region between the bookmarks.

Split into Components Channels

This will create one new mono file for each channel in the current file. For example, when used on a stereo file, this will result in two mono files, one for the original left channel, and one for the original right channel. To join the channels again, see Join Mono Files to Make Stereo. See also Convert Sample Rate and Channels and General Audio Concepts.

Split into Equal parts

This will split the file into pieces with equal duration given the number of output files or an interval length. If the interval length is used, the length of the last file might differ from the rest.

Split Automatically

Given an interval or a number of output files, this option will find the best split points in the file. The input will only approximately determine the length or the number of the output files.