Anonymous Effect

Use this effect to make a voice recording sound anonymous or unrecognizable. Use one of the default presets of the effect or adjust the Pitch, Speed and Distortion amounts to create your own Anonymous voice effect. Use the Pitch Change to make the sound rough or sharp. Use the Speed Change to make the recording faster or slower. Add distortion to increase the white noise in the voice and neutralize background sounds.

Press the Play button to listen to the recording with the effects applied as you make adjustments. Press the Bypass button to listen to the original file without the effect. When you are satisfied with the result, press the Apply button to add the effect to your audio file.

Use the Save Preset… button to create your own Preset based on your preferred settings. Delete a Preset by selecting it in the list, then clicking the Delete Preset button.

Note: This effect can only make the voice unrecognizable to the human ear. It is possible that digitally, the voice file could be returned to its original sound. For a more secure method, use Navigate Speech on the tools tab to convert the recording to text. Then use the Text to Speech tool to have the text recorded to a voice file by your speech engine.