In order to use the FlexiServer system, you have to create a least one administrator account. The Setup Wizard will help you complete the system initial configuration in two simple steps (less than 3 mins).

Imposta amministratore:

To use the FlexiServer system, you need to set up at least one administrator account. Enter a valid email address as your login ID, display name, password and click Next.
You will receive a welcome email from the system to test if your email server (smtp server) works ok.
Note: Email address is the unique ID for every user within the system.

Verificare le impostazioni della posta elettronica:

Check to see if you received the welcome email from FlexiServer.
If you received this email, select "Yes, I received the welcome email" to confirm your email server works fine, then you will skip SMTP server settings page.
If you didn't get the email, you can select "No, I did not received a welcome email (Go to SMTP server setup)" and click Next. You will be directed to the SMTP server setup page to configure your SMTP server.
You also have the option to select "Skip email settings for now" to skip SMTP server setup step and save it for later.
Note: Email sending procedure is a critical process of FlexiServer system. Neglecting the SMTP server settings will disable all the reporting functions of FlexiServer. Please refer to your ISP to get the right SMTP server parameters.

Impostazioni SMTP:

Per ulteriori informazioni, fare riferimento alla pagina "Problemi durante l'invio della posta elettronica":

Aggiungi dipendenti:

Here you can add up to five employee accounts. FlexiServer will automatically send out confirmation emails to each user with their logon IDs and passwords and details about how to start using it.
Note: All the employees added here will be assigned to normal "Staff" level access and the "DefaultTeam" team, which you can modify later.


Fare clic sul pulsante Fine per completare il processo di configurazione iniziale.

Ora verrà visualizzata la pagina di accesso. Per ulteriori informazioni sull'accesso, vedere l'argomento manuale Come accedere.