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Can I sync data between Copper and Inventoria?

Yes, using Inventoria as the server program, you can update Inventoria's inventory levels from Copper.

  • Synchronization Settings In Inventoria, go to the Other tab of Options (Preferences on a Mac), click the "Advanced Settings" button, check the "Allow Express Invoice, Express Accounts or Copper to synchronize with Inventoria" checkbox to turn this option on.
  • Access Authentication Code. This is a code that you create, then you will enter it into Copper. To create this code in Inventoria, go to the Options, Other tab, click the Advanced Settings button and enter the code in the Inventoria Synchronization Settings section.
  • Address or IP number. You'll need to locate Inventoria's IP address, which can be found on the Web Access tab of Options (Preferences on a Mac). Use the Local Network address if the programs are all on the same network. Use the Internet address if the programs are on different computers and networks. The IP address is the numbers after http:// and before the colon (:).
  • Port number. By default, Inventoria's port number is 1097.
  • Location Name. Know the location name in Inventoria you'll be syncing with, such as a warehouse or store location.

From Copper, go to the Sync Apps tab of the Options (Preferences on a Mac) and select the "Synchronize this installation of Copper as a client of Inventoria or Copper" radio button. Enter the information from Inventoria into each text box. Use the Retrieve Locations and Update Now buttons to sync data.


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