DrawPad Graphic Design Software

Easy computer drawing and graphic editing program

DrawPad is an easy-to-use image composition and manipulation program, and an essential tool for all types of graphic design projects.

  • Make sketches and paintings on your computer
  • Create logos, banner ads or billboards
  • Draw diagrams, icons and other web graphics
Get it Free. A free version of DrawPad graphic design software is available for non-commercial use. If you will be using DrawPad at home you can download the free design program here.

Download DrawPad Graphic Editor for WindowsDownload DrawPad Graphic Designer for Windows

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Graphic Design Software Features
  • Pencil and brush tools for drawing, sketching and painting
  • Ability to edit pencil & brush strokes
  • Tablet & touchpad pressure sensitivity
  • Work with both raster and vector images
  • Image layers allow for non-destructive editing
  • Layers allow you to easily rearrange elements
  • Add effects such as bevels and shadows
  • Fill areas with solid colors, gradients, patterns or textures
  • Editing features including crop, rotate, resize and flip
  • Insert shape objects including circles, rectangles, polygons, stars, word/thought bubbles and more
  • Insert text and edit the font, size, color and weight
  • Save graphics as png, bmp, jpg, gif, pdf, svg or psd files
  • Choose a logo, business card, flyer, banner, greeting card or letterhead template to get your project started
  • Supports banner ad formats for ad networks such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.
  • Import brush packs made for Photoshop
  • Use rulers and guidelines to help you organize objects.
  • Add a watermark to your graphic design.
  • Includes advanced grids, snapping and alignment options.
  • Customizable free-form drawing tools include pixel brush, pencil, brush, marker, pen, spray paint and crayon.
  • Create web graphics with preset banner sizes and button shapes.

Creative Design Tools

DrawPad is suitable for all types of recreational and professional graphic design and illustration work for artists of all skill levels. Choose from a wide array of text and font styles, as well as unique eye candy effects to make your design more personalized and distinctive.

Drawing Drawing Shapes Shapes Fill Fill Text Text Selection Selection Clipart Clipart Effects Effects

Supported Input Formats
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
  • JPEG Image (*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jfif; *.jpe)
  • Windows Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
  • Microsoft Icon (*.ico)
  • PNG Image (*.png)
  • Tagged Image File Format (*.tif; *.tiff; )
  • Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
  • DrawPad Document (*.drp)
  • Most major graphic file formats
Supported Output Formats
  • PNG Image (*.png)
  • JPEG Image (.jpg; *.jpeg)
  • Windows Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
  • Microsoft Icon (*.ico)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
  • Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps)
  • Photoshop Document (*.psd)
Easy Drawing Software
Demo image Demo image Demo image
Curved Text
Curved Text
Text and font choices are key features in a design program. Use the standard text tool or make your projects more effective and compelling with the curved text tool.

Wow your viewers with text that playfully follows an ocean wave or an artsy spiral. Curve, zig or zag letters and words. Your logo will be more professional and your imagination the limit with digital art.

Touchpad Compatibility
Produce your designs with ease using your drawing tablet. Increase creativity with a drawing pen and utilize pressure sensitivity to quickly alter stroke width.

Whether you prefer using a keyboard and mouse, a touchpad or a drawing tablet, DrawPad is guaranteed to make your experience noteworthy.

Design scaling
Scale Your Designs
Upgrade your graphic design projects from outdated raster graphics into crisp and clean vector graphics. Vector graphics allow you to scale your design while maintaining perfect quality.

With DrawPad, you can fabricate your logos, presentations, website mockups, or any 2D graphic masterpieces exactly the way you want.

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Making illustrations, logos and marketing materials has never been this easy.
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Works onWindowsWindows and MacMac

System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • macOS 10.5 or above

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