Driver Connection Failed

If you receive the following error message in your log window: "Driver connection failed. Did you make sure to restart your computer after installing Voxal?", it is because Voxal is unable to communicate with the driver it needs to capture the microphone audio data. Make sure you restart your computer. In some rare cases it may be necessary to reinstall Voxal if this problem persists."

Unable to Detect an Audio Stream

If you receive a message saying that Voxal is unable to detect an audio stream while you are using Voxal's preview mode, then you may not have the correct audio device selected to work with Voxal. Go to Voxal's Options and make sure you select the the correct preview devices in the drop down lists.

In some rare circumstances, the microphone you are using may not be compatible with Voxal. If you continue to have problems try using a different microphone to see if that fixes the issue.

Output Level is too High

You may sometimes get a warning at the bottom of the screen that your microphone level is too high. If the output level of your microphone is too high then the audio will be distorted. You should aim to keep the peak of the microphone level somewhere in the area markes as "Good Mic Level". You can lower or raise the level of the microphone output by adjusting the volume control in the top panel. Alternatively, you can add an "Amplify" effect to the voice and use that to control the volume. The term "Amplify" is a bit misleading because it can also be used to reduce the volume of the audio as well as increase it.

Stuttering or Glitchy Audio

If your selected voice has too many effects applied then you may notice a degradation in Voxal's performance and the audio stream may break up or distort. This is due to your computer no longer being able to process the chain of effects quickly enough. In order to rectify the problem you will need to remove some effects from the selected voice. If this still does not fix the problem then please contact our support area for help.