The "Print - Preview" dialog displays the front and back sides of the business card as it will be printed by the printer.


You can print the business card by clicking the Print button. This will open the printer selection and settings dialog where you can select which side of the business card to print.

Front / Back
Changes the page preview between the front and back sides.


Stationery Settings
Select the stationery. Please refer to Supported Stationery for more information.

Card Layout
Adjust the number of cards printed on each page, the margins between the top of the page and the top of the cards, the left of the page and the left of the cards, and the gaps between the columns and rows of cards.

Side to Print
Select whether to output the front sides of the cards only, the back sides of the cards only, or both sides.

Bleeds & Crop-Marks
Adjust the bleeds (the area along the edge of a card that will be trimmed off when the card is cut to final size), and crop-marks (which indicate the exact place where the paper is to be trimmed).

Print only text
Check this box if you only need to print text.

Duplex print adjustment for back side
When you want to print both sides of the cards on the same paper in duplex printing, you need to check Duplex adjust to tell CardWorks to adjust the position of the back side of the cards so that the back side can match the front side after the duplex printing. Sometimes, there are also offsets between both sides on some printers even if the Duplex adjust is selected. In this case, you can view and measure the offsets in the following steps:

1. Click Print sample to measure manually button to print a sample in duplex way.
2. Make a small hole at the origin of the coordinate of the front side after printing the sample.
3. Face the back side to measure the offsets of the hole in the coordinate of the back side.
4. Input the offsets to Duplex offset X and Duplex offset Y.

1. The above duplex adjustment is just for the back side.
2. You should select duplex printing with long-side staple option.
3. There are still very small offsets between both sides after the above duplex adjustment because of calculation error and mechanical error of the printer.

Page Preview

A preview of what the front or back page will look like with all options applied.