Supported stationery

CardWorks supports standard paper sizes and popular Avery Business Card templates.

Click the drop down menu under Apply to Stationery Template to select from a list of templates available. Also clicking on either the Print or Export button will open the Print Preview or Export To PDF Preview, window which allows you to set the stationery for printing your business cards.

You can either select standard paper sizes or a specific Avery Business Card template.

There are three standard paper sizes including A4, US Letter and US Legal for you to select. If you select one of these general paper sizes, the Card Size Settings from Options dialog will be used. You can also specify how many cards you would like to print out. You can also specify number of cards you want in a single page such as 8 cards (4x2), 10 cards (5x2), or custom. In custom mode, adjusting appropriate layout parameters including Top Margin, Left Margin, Horizontal Gap and Vertical Gap is a key to meet your needs.

CardWorks also supports popular Avery Business Card templates on which you can print 8 or 10 cards with A4 and US Letter paper settings. Select the item for the list which is correspondent to the Avery Business Card paper you use. Although you can adjust layout parameters, you are not recommended to do so except your designed business cards are not well aligned with the Avery Business Card papers.

We recommend you print on a plain paper and check the printed result with your Avery stationery before printing on real Avery stationery.

Please refer to Print/export your business card design for more information about adjusting card layout for printing or exporting.

Once the settings are correct, click the Print button to print the cards with your printer or click the Export button to save as a PDF file, depending on which preview you opened.