Selecting and previewing a template design

CardWorks displays a list of templates in the top right panel under the heading Select Your Design. By default, all the templates are shown as double-sided, with the front side on the top and the back side underneath. You can view the templates in a variety of color schemes by selecting a new color scheme from the drop down list. If you only want to create one-sided business cards, you can do so by adjusting the settings in the Options dialog.

To preview any template, simply mouse over the template. To apply the template as your design, click on it.

Additional templates are available for download by clicking the Download more templates button located above the template thumbnails.

Select a Stationery Template

Cardworks displays a list of stationery templates that are available for use when you are ready to print your cards. Depending on the type of stationery you are using, you can find the types of templates supported and choose the one that best works for you. You can choose from a single card layout or up to a 10 card layout.

Customizing your card

CardWorks does not allow you to build a card from scratch, but you can use the given tools to use your own card design. The easiest way to do so is to start by using the Simple template, which has a white background and comes with the default text fields.

To use your own background, you will have to create the background in another program, such as PhotoPad or DrawPad, and then import it into CardWorks. To add a new background, click the Set Business Information drop menu in the left panel and select either Front Template Background or Back Template Background, and then click the Add button to add your background to the card. If you want to reuse the original background, click the Delete button. The Delete button is enabled only when the current chosen image is different from the original one of the template.

To customize your text, select the text field on the card and adjust the text attributes in the left panel. You can reposition any text on the preview by clicking and dragging it to a new position.