The Scheduled Recording window is where you create a new scheduled recording or edit an existing recording. To find this window, click the Schedule icon on the toolbar, then click the Add button to create a new schedule, or select an existing schedule and click the Edit button to change the settings of the schedule. From the Scheduled Recording dialog, you can specify the name and type of recording, the input audio device, the schedule, and whether the schedule is active or inactive.

Note that some Windows power saving modes may interfere with scheduled recordings. While Debut will wake a computer out of sleep to start a scheduled recording, it cannot bypass any passwords that must be entered on wake up.

To change this setting follow the beneath procedures depending on your operating system:


The recording will only be scheduled if this check-box is checked.


Select the start and end times of the recording, and if the recording is scheduled to happen once, every day, or on certain days of the week.


Select which video device you would like to capture from.


Select which audio device you would like to capture from.