The scheduler lets you set Debut to start video capture at a set date and time. Open the scheduler by clicking the Schedule button on the main interface toolbar. From the Scheduler, you can add new recording schedules or manage previously created recording schedules.
To add a new recording schedule, click the Add button. The Scheduled Recording window will then appear. Here, you will need to give your schedule a name (e.g., Local News), select the capture device you would like to capture from (webcam, device, network or screen), and set Debut to record on a set date, on a specific day of week or every day at a particular time. When the scheduled recording is set to active, Debut will automatically start capturing at the set date and time. Recording can even be started if Debut is not running at the scheduled time. In this case, Debut will be automatically started by system. You do not have to worry about running Debut at scheduled time, just add a scheduled task and keep computer power on. (Please make sure system is logged in with the same account used to setup schedule recordings)


Click the Add button to create a new recording schedule.


Click the Edit button to edit the settings of the selected recording schedule from the scheduled recordings list.


Click the Delete button to delete the selected recording schedule from the scheduled recordings list.