Warn when hard drive space is low

This option allows you to specify a warning level for the minimum quantity of free space available on the computer's hard drive. When the amount of free space falls to or below this level, Debut displays a warning message. The default level of free space is 300 MB.

Destination Folder

This option lets you select the folder to which Debut exports files. To use this option, either type in the folder where you want to save Debut files, or use the browse button on the right to locate the folder.

Output File Name

Select the "Prompt for file name before recording starts" option if you want to select a different name for each file recorded.

Select the "Use this file name format" when you want to define the file name before you start recording.

The following fields can be used in the Output File Name format.

The "Reset" button will reset the format to the default one if you have changed it.

The "Reset Auto Number" button resets the next auto increase number to be used by %autonumber% to 1.

Mirror all recordings to this folder

If you have a backup drive or want to backup all recordings over the network, you can use this option. Note that recordings are only transferred after recording and compression is complete.

Run command-line application

This is an advanced option to allow IT professionals to send recordings to other applications. For example to use a proprietary codec or to insert the recording to a database.

If this option is ticked, after Debut has completed recording the file, it will run the specified application. The application should be a command-line program. The name of the file can be sent as an argument using %file% which Debut replaces with the full path to the file. Remember to include the full path to your application (enclose it in "") and to enclose the %file% in "" too.

An example might be "C:\Program Files\MyProgram\myexe" -myoptions "%file%".