Webcam / Capture Device

If you have more than one webcam or capture device installed, you can select the device you want to use for recording. You can also select the desired output format and input device.

Select the "Stretch video to widescreen" option to force 16x9 mode.

Select the "Deinterlace video" option to deinterlace the frames.

If audio and video are out of sync in recordings made by Debut, try deselecting "Use original frame timestamps".

You can change the inherent image and camera settings on a video capture device using Device Settings... button

Note: DV camcorders are not supported by Debut. Please use VideoPad or Golden Videos to capture video from camcorders.

Network camera

You can select the network camera with the URL, the user name and the password. You can include the port in the URL. The recent 10 URLs will be kept in the combo box. You can delete the URL from the box by selecting it, erasing it from the box and pressing the OK button.

Screen capture

Select this option to record video from your desktop. You can select a part of it or the whole desktop using Selection Tool dialog .

If you have multiple monitors, you can move the Debut window into the monitor that isn't the record monitor. For example, you can select the primary monitor as the record monitor and move the Debut window into the second monitor, the preview video will be enabled.

Select the "Load last selection" option to load the last selection rectangle when Debut is starting. Unselect to load the whole desktop.

Use the "Limit Frame Rate" slider bar to select a lower frame rate (FPS) if your computer is running slow. However, limiting frame rate to lower values may result to some pixelated frames and/or blank frames.

Select the "Apply gamma ramp" option to use device gamma ramp when recording full screen applications. This option is turned off by default because it requires extra processing power.

Note: Running Debut with administrator privileges might cause graphical issues when screen recording some third party software.