Using this dialog, you can define the size of the circular shapes that Disketch prints to. This is useful if you would like to print onto printable discs that do not match the dimensions of the default printable area set by Disketch. Each brand of printable discs has varying dimensions. An example includes full-faced discs, which print almost to the spindle.

While being displayed and printed in Disketch, disc templates do not print onto the hole in the center of the discs. The inner diameter cannot be smaller than the spindle diameter, and the outer diameter cannot be larger than the disc diameter.

1. Outer diameter

The outer printable diameter describes the outer-most edge of the printable area of your disc.

Second disc band

If the 'Use second band' checkbox is ticked, values 2 and 3 will create a ring-shaped, non-printable band on your disc.

4. Inner diameter

The inner printable diameter describes the inner-most edge of the printable area of your disc.