The Edit Label Layout dialog is used for modifying and creating your own label layouts, or where your templates are placed on the page. Layouts can be used either for personalized label designs, or for matching the dimensions of sticky labels that you have purchased (See: Printing to Commercial Stationery).

Edit Label Layout Toolbar

This will reset the current label layout to one page without templates. You must add at least one template to be able to apply this label layout.

This will launch the Select Stationery dialog, which will create a layout with templates already placed to match your sticky labels.

This will open a dialog where you can select a previously saved Disketch label layout file (*.delayout).

This will open a dialog where you can save your label layout design as a Disketch label layout file (*.delayout).

Add Page
Add a new page to your label layout. Additional pages allow you to keep, for instance, a label and a cover within one project.

Remove Page
Remove the currently selected page from your label layout.

Add Template
This will launch the Add Template dialog, where you can select label and cover templates to add to the page.

Remove Template
Remove the currently selected template from your label layout. Alternatively, right click on a template to delete it from the page viewer.

Page tabs

Each tab will change the page viewer to show the corresponding tab.

Clicking the small X on the tab will remove that page from your label layout.
Note that this X will not appear if there is only one page, as you must have at least one page in a label layout.

Page viewer

The page viewer shows a visual representation of your label layout design. Any templates that you add to your project can be repositioned by clicking and dragging, or by using the positioning controls in the Template Properties panel in the right sidebar, or by using the arrow keys.

Templates in this viewer are displayed with an arrow across their surface. This arrow indicates the up direction of that template if it has been rotated in the template properties panel.

If you have any paper margins set, you will see a border area displayed on each page. This border will not effect your ability to print or position templates on your label layouts, they are only intended to be guides. To set paper margins, See: General Options.


On the right side of the page viewer there are several panels for modifying your label layout design. See: Label Layout Editor panels for detailed descriptions.