Many kinds of commercial stationery are available for purchase. These sticky labels and case inserts make it possible to produce labels for your discs that you can't print directly onto.

Select the model of commercial stationery that you have purchased using the Select Label Layout dialog, which is shown when you create a new project, or from the main interface by clicking the "Select label layout" button in the right sidebar. From the Select Label Layout, select the Select Stationery option to open the Select Stationery dialog.

Once you have selected the appropriate label layout for your stationery, continue to make the desired changes to the designs that will appear on each template in your project by changing the background colors or image, and adding overlays.

When you have finished customizing your designs, click the Print button on the Home tab toolbar. See: Main window

If your stationery contains more than one page, make sure that you have the page you want to print selected in the Label Layout Properties panel.

If the stationery that you have doesn't appear in the Select Label Layout dialog list, you can use the Edit Label Layout dialog to create your own layout to match the dimensions of your stationery. Then, please let us know about the brand, model, and values used to match your stationery at Suggestions: Disketch and we will add it to our list.