In the Convert to Table dialog, select table(s) that will be converted from PDF to CSV, XLSX or ODS. The text within the red boundary lines is extracted and converted to the selected output format.

Dialog Prompt

The dialog will open if the PDF has multiple pages or a table is not detected. If the PDF is a single page and a table is detected by Doxillion, the conversion will automatically take place.

Selecting your Content

Red boundary lines are shown on the PDF to determine which content should be converted. To change the boundaries, hover over a red line. The line will turn yellow, click and drag to move the line to the edge of your table.

Once the table is outlined by the red boundary lines, click Process Page. Repeat this procedure for each page in the PDF document that contains a table that will be converted. For XLSX and ODS, each processed page will be converted to an individual sheet in a single document. For CSV, each processed table will create a new file. Close the dialog to finish the conversion process.