Selected PDFs in the main Doxillion file list can be combined into a single PDF file by clicking the "Merge PDFs" button on the toolbar or by selecting "Tools->Merge PDFs..." or right-clicking and selecting "Merge PDFs..." from the popup menu option. The order of merged PDFs can be rearranged in the Merge PDFs dialog window.

Note: The Merge PDFs feature is activated when there is at least 1 PDF file in the file list. However, it requires at least 2 PDF files to perform merging of files.

Merge PDFs dialog

The Merge PDFs dialog is where you select the order of your PDFs. The default order of your PDFs is the order they were in the file list. To edit the order, drag and drop target file into the target position or select a file, then use the Move Up and Move Down arrow buttons on the right of the dialog window.

Merge PDFs

Once your PDFs are in the proper order, merge the PDFs into a single PDF file by clicking the Merge PDFs button at the bottom of the Merge PDFs dialog window.
In the Save Merged PDF As dialog, enter a filename and browse to the location you would like to save the new file.