Selected Objects

When an object is selected, either through the select tool or because it was just created, a frame will appear around that object. This frame, or widget, allows you to modify the shape that you just finished drawing.

All objects in DrawPad can be moved around by using the left mouse button to click and drag the objects around. You can also resize the objects by dragging one of the handles located on the corners of the widget. In both cases, the mouse cursor should change to indicate what action you are about to perform.


Several object types have widgets that will allow you to rotate the object. Drag the rotate handle to rotate the object (the widget will show you a rectangular frame that indicates the new position as you drag the handle).

Aligning Elements

If you select multiple elements, then the Alignment options in the Select menu become available. You can choose to align the selected elements vertically or horizontally, and which side of the elements you want to align.