Watermark Tool

This tool allows you to add an image with the watermark effect on your current project. This will create a new layer for your image on top of your current layers. Watermark image element after being added, can be customized too.

Customize the image with the watermark options panel controls. To do this, simply select the watermark element by clicking it in the Layer List. Use the panel to adjust your image size, transparency and alignment.

Use Image Scale control to resize your image, sizing the image is based on your current project dimensions, setting it to 100% will occupy the whole project size.

Transparency control lets you adjust the image opacity, use the slider to how much you want your image to be transparent or opaque.

Usually watermark images are positioned at the center of the page or project, but you can always change it using the Alignment control. This control will let you position your image to whichever side or corner you would want it to be.

Last but not the least, is the Manual Positioning control. This option when enabled, will let you directly modify the image you've added. Use the widget controls around the image to manually Resize, Move or even Rotate your watermark image.