This tool is used to create decking. Decking consists of the deck floor boards, joists, fascia, and (optionally) deck skirting.

Joists are the boards that are usually supported by the footing beams, and in turn support the deck floor boards.

The fascia are boards which go along the edge of a deck and usually serve to hide the joists, support deck railings, etc.

The skirting is some type of covering for the sides of the deck that hides the underneath of a deck. Skirting is typically found on front porches and can consist of siding, lattice, stone or many other materials.

Deck Floor: Set the properties for the deck flooring here.

Fascia & Skirting:

To draw decking, use the stylus to draw the outline of the deck area. To begin, place the stylus over the point where the deck starts. Move the stylus to create a deck edge and click to complete the edge. Continue creating deck edges until the deck path is closed by connecting back to the starting point (or any pervious deck point).

The deck path cannot intersect itself. To create angled deck edges, hold the Shift key while drawing the edge. To cancel a deck path, press the Esc key.

Once the deck path is complete, the decking, joists, fascia and skirting will be generated automatically.


This tool is for placing deck footings. Footings consist of a foundation, footing posts, and the beams. Footings are the structural elements which support the rest of the deck elements.

To begin placing footings, select the start location on the ground and left-click. Move the mouse to the end point of the footings and left-click to place the footing.

Unlike other deck elements, footing are completely independent from deckings and can be place anywhere (or not at all).