Express Dictate can encrypt dictations to prevent third-parties from accessing private information. This is particularly important if you're sending dictations over the Internet.

The requirements for using encryption are:

When uploading dictations to an Express Delegate server, please configure Express Delegate security settings instead.

Encryption is enabled on a per-recipient basis, in the Options ~ Recipient Properties dialog.

When an encrypted dictation is sent, only recipients who have been given the encryption key can open the dictation. The user ID of the Express Dictate user is also required. User ID's are used to map different senders to different encryption keys, and can also be used to configure which speaker profile to use for automated speech-to-text. Your user ID is displayed in Options -> User.

You cannot choose your own user ID. Every install of Express Dictate defaults to a user ID of 0. Once the Express Dictate trial period has expired, you'll need a medical or legal license to use encryption. After purchasing, activating and registering a license, the ID half of the registration ID and Key becomes the user ID.

Important: Encryption cannot be used with an academic or professional license.