The "Recipient Properties" wizard or dialog will open when you click "Create" or "Properties" from the Sending tab of Options.

Recipient tab


Recipient name

Each recipient should be given a unique name. Type the name of the receiving typist or transcription company here.

Display confirmation before sending

If this is checked, a dialog requesting confirmation will be displayed whenever a dictation is about to be sent to this recipient.


Back up sent dictations

If this is checked, all dictations will be copied to the folder specified in "Backup folder" after being sent. The folder can be on the local machine, or a shared network drive.

Send Method tab

Send Method

For each recipient, you can select how the dictation will be sent.

Express Delegate Options


  • Address:

  • Port:
    The server port number.

  • Secure connection (SSL/TLS):
    Check this check-box to encrypt data transfers to and from the server.


  • Email address / password:
    The Express Delegate user account logon email and password. Please consult the Express Delegate help for information about how to reset your password if you have lost it.

FTP Options

Email Options

Local Folder Options

Custom Command-Line Options

Format tab

File name format

You can specify the format of the name of the sent file, which is the actual internal file name, not the more user friendly display name you see on Express Dictate and Express Scribe. This setting supports text formatting variables.

You must include at least %filenumber% in the file name (and in multi-user environments %userid% too, to ensures unique file names, so no files get overwritten. The default file name format is %userid%-%filenumber% %filename% by %username%.

File format

The recommended file format is the DCT, which includes the sender information, notes and file priority with the recording. The DCT format can also be encrypted.

Click "Audio encoder settings..." to select and configure an audio codec. Using a compressed audio format can dramatically reduce upload times but can also reduce audio quality.

You must ensure that the codec that you select is also installed on the computer of the typist running Express Scribe. It is best to use a standard Windows codec. The recommended format is "GSM 6.10" (good balance). More information about formats is available at

Audio processing

Check "Use Automatic Gain Control (plus signal improvement and trim)" to trim silent passages from the beginning and end of the recording, and to make the recorded speech more audible.


See Concepts ~ Encryption for information about encrypting dictations.

The key can contain up to 64 ASCII characters, offering 256 bit security. The key is case sensitive.

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