Creating a New Dictation (Ctrl+N)

Express Dictate stores recordings as "Dictations" that are similar to tapes. Usually each job will be a separate Dictation. For example, if you dictate a letter, the recording will be an Express Dictate "Dictation". Each Dictation can have its own priority (importance) that determines its order for typing.

To create a new dictation press Ctrl+N.

Recording (F5)

Recording is controlled using the F5 key. To start recording press and hold down the F5 key. When you want to pause recording, release the key. Alternatively you can lock recording on by quickly pressing the F5 key. To stop recording press the F5 key again.

The maximum record duration for any single file is 4 hours. To make longer recordings use either the MSRS - Multi-Channel Courtroom or Conference Recorder or the VRS Recording System which will automatically split files.

Playback (F9)

Playback is controlled using the F9 key or the play button in the controls along the bottom. To start playback, first cue the recording at the beginning using the Go to start button in the controls (or Home key), then press the F9 key. To stop, press the F9 key again. Alternatively you can press and hold down the F9 key to play.

Moving Back and Forward (F7, F8, Home, End)

To move back and forward in the dictation use the F7 and F8 keys. To move directly to the start, press the Home key. To move directly to the end, press the End key.

There are many more features that you can use while recording. For more information, please see the: Main Window Reference.

Send the Dictation (Ctrl+S)

When you have completed recording, send the dictation to your typist using Ctrl+S.

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