Use this screen to manage your accounts: the number assigned to an account, the type of account, if it is a header account, and if it is an account open at the bank. The accounts are displayed in a list. To open the Chart of Accounts, from the Home tab click the View icon in the toolbar and select Chart of Accounts. To edit the account properties, double-click the account to open the Account Properties dialog.


Click this button to create a new account or add a new default account.


Click this button to edit the account properties, such as account number and type, the name, and opening balance, of the account selected in the list. This only applies to one account at a time.


To delete accounts, select the account(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click this button. You can delete any account as long as it hasn't been used in a transaction.

Create Default (Desktop version only)

This adds a default account list to the Chart of Accounts. If you already have a default list, then you would not see any difference when clicking on this option.

Restore (Desktop version only)

Click this button to restore the currently selected account. This only applies to one account at a time. To view deleted accounts, make sure the 'Also show deleted accounts' checkbox is ticked.

Number of digits in account number (Desktop version only)

You can define the number of digits for an account number. Each account created will be required to have an account number with the number of digits specified here.

Also show recently deleted accounts (Desktop version only)

Tick this checkbox if you would like to view accounts that have recently been deleted. When this box is checked, deleted accounts will appear in the list highlighted in pink.