Use Express Accounts to keep track of the payments and income you receive for your business.

Enter a Customer Payment

To enter a payment, click the Transactions menu and select Receive a Payment, or you can simply click the Payments button in the Sales toolbar. This brings up the Payment dialog.

Enter the customer making the payment (the customer must first have a customer record to appear in the list; see the Customer ~ Customer topic in the Screen References section of this manual), the amount paid, the method of payment, include the invoice number (optional), and allocate which accounts the money should be applied to. When all the details are filled in correctly and your accounts balance, click the Record button to apply the payment.

For more details on the Payment dialog, view the Payment topic in the Screen References section of this manual.

View and Edit Customer Payments

To view all customer payments entered, click the View icon in the toolbar and select Payments. You will see a list of all payments made. To easily find a payment you are looking for, you can click the headings of each column to sort by that heading. You can also designate a time period to limit the number of payments shown in the list, or view payments by customer only. For more details on all the options in this window, see the Payments List topic in the Screen References section of this manual.

To edit a payment, select the payment by clicking it in the list and then click the Edit icon in the toolbar. Make the necessary edits to the payment, and when the accounts balance, click OK to apply the change to the payment.

View Payment Report

The payment report displays all payments entered into Express Accounts for the specified amount of time. To generate a payment report, click the Report tab and select Sales Invoice Payment Report. Specify the time period the report should cover, and click View. The report results will appear in the Sales Invoice Payment Report window. You can preview a .pdf of the report or email, print, fax, or save a copy of the report .pdf using the icons in the toolbar.